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Enjoy Inspirational or Encouraging Writings, Humorous Church Stories, Thoughts For The Day, Inspiring Christian Videos, and more. Read Encouraging Daily Scripture Quotes, Bible Studies that show what the Scriptures really say, and Articles About Jesus Christ

A Thought For The Day And Inspirational Proverbs
Enjoy humorous Christian one-liners, church bulletin bloopers, inspirational and thought provoking contemporary proverbs, and inspirational Thoughts For The Day, along with "Food For Thought: Things The Bible Never Said", presented for your inspiration and enjoyment.

Things The Bible Never Said
If what you believe isn't completely true would you want to know it? Millions of Christians believe things the neither Jesus or the Bible ever actually said. Do you? Learn what things Jesus and the Bible never said yet are commonly believed among Christians and taught by Christian churches, then read the scriptures that will show you the truth of what was actually spoken in the Bible.

Short Inspirational Stories Page 1
Heart warming, short inspirational stories for your enjoyment. Relax, take a break, and feel the love in these short inspirational stories that will touch your soul, or inspire your spirit.

Inspirational Christian Stories Page 2
Interesting, inspiring stories and uplifting Christian writings that may make you stop and think about your life, your beliefs, and your values.

Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?
This is an important question that few Christians ever ask themselves. Most of us celebrate Christmas just because it's what we were taught and have done since childhood. But is Christmas a Biblically based Christian Holiday? Where did all the customs and traditions really come from? Why do we keep Christmas today?

How Can I Live Forever In The Kingdom Of God?
What Happens When You Die? Do You Believe You Go To Heaven? What Is This KIngdom Of God Where You Can Live Forever? If You Died Right Now What Would Happen To YOU?

Short Encouraging Stories And Uplifting Writings
Find encouragement in uplifting, heart warming, encouraging stories, true testimonies, and touching inspiring writings that will remind you that God is in control of all that happens in your life, and of how much love God has for you. Read thought provoking stories and commentaries that will make you stop and think for a moment about your life, God, and your relationship with others.

Sabbath or Sunday? What does the Bible actually say about the "Day Of Rest"?
Which day of the week is the day of rest for Christians? Should you observe the 7th day, Saturday or the 1st day, Sunday? Does a Christian even need to keep the 4th commandment? Does it make any difference which day of the week you observe?

Humorous Church Stories And Short Funny Religious Writings
Enjoy a collection of humorous church stories, short funny religious writings, amusing children's sayings, church humor, funny bulletin bloopers, and amusing religious stories.

Why Jesus?
Who is Jesus Christ? Why Do I Need Him? What Did Jesus Ever Do For Me? Can He Make A Difference In My Life? What Is This Kingdom Of God He Talked About?

Christian Music Videos And Uplifting Inspirational Videos
Christian Music And Inspirational Videos for your inspiration and encouragement. Take a break from your busy day and relax and enjoy the music and beauty as God speaks to your heart through inspiring words, music and song.

Our Daily Bible Story And Scriptures
Featuring todays encouraging Bible Stories, Today's uplifting bible scriptures including Proverbs, Psalms, Verse, and Promise. These encouraging Christian scriptures and inspired stories from the Holy Bible are presented for your edification. Bible verses and stories are updated daily.

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I would rather live my life as if there is a God, and die to find out that there isn't, than live my life as if there isn't, and die to find out that there is. What if you miss out on the most incredible opportunity in your life because you don't have the right information? Most people believe what they believe because that's just what they always believed! It's what they were taught growing up, but most people never take the time to confirm that what they believe is true! They never prove their spiritual beliefs! How about you? If what you believe isn't true, would you want to know it?

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This is a personal ministry. I support copyright laws and desire to be in copyright compliance in all activities. The creators of a work have the right to be recognized for that work and to protect their financial interest in that work. Every effort is made to assure that all Stories, writings, or humorous material, poetry, videos, Thoughts For The Day, and other encouraging or uplifting materials found on the St. Louis Inspirational Christian Connection are either in public domain, have received copyright permissions, fall under "fair use" provisions of the Copyright Law, or are otherwise available for public use. The use of graphics is of particular difficulty in attributing copyright ownership. Graphics are freely distributed and used throughout the Internet without any attribution. Thus, if any copyrighted encouraging material, Thoughts For The Day, poetry, humor, videos, or other uplifting material or graphic is found on my website that belongs to you, please contact me to either negotiate copyright permission and properly attribute the author, or remove the item. Material for publication is received from several St. Louis county churches, and individuals. I accept no responsibility for any errors or inaccuracies in any material received from outside sources, but do strive to provide accurate and sound material at all times. All material presented here is the sole responsibility of the authors and reflects his or her personal opinions, views and beliefs.