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God's Judgment On America

Is God's Judgment On America With Punishing Disasters?

Why all the record breaking disasters in America today?
Are punishing disasters God’s warning to the United States?

I am here to warn everyone in the United States that God has begun serious punishing judgments against America!

Why? Because we refuse to believe what the Bible really says and do what God tells us in it! He is warning us with extreme and record breaking disasters that are severely punishing us for not doing what the Bible actually says! The time is very short! It’s time for us to turn to God for protection while we still can! If what you believe isn’t true would you want to know it? Have you ever proved your beliefs by looking at what God's Word ACTUALLY SAYS about them? Do you know WHY all the disasters are increasing in our country? It's because we have been deceived by our churches teaching false doctrine that causes us to sin! You have the opportunity here today to learn the truth so you can be personally spared from much of the disaster coming upon the United States in the near future.

Common Sins

Consider These Most Common And Accepted Sins In America Today!




(Several previous references above were deleted during our recent update because no study had ever been written for them.) 

These are an abomination to God! Unfortunately many Christians do not recognize all of these as sins which is a big reason for God's punishing judgment on America.  You can read detailed studies on many of these sins at What Does The Bible ACTUALLY Say?

God is rendering serious against America for our sins. Why is this happening now?

From the beginning of our country up to the early 1960's America was a great nation, because collectively our people were God fearing people. In the early 1960's this all changed. The US began to lose the pride in our power as we lost one war after another. The moral decline began in the 60's as "we the people" collectively changed from God Fearing People to Satan's followers without even knowing it.  After World War 2 God's blessings on America stopped, as we kicked Him out of our schools, our government, our families, our society, and our churches because they no longer teach what the Bible actually says about Christians obeying God's laws. We are no longer great and never will be great again. The majority of people have been deceived to believe they are just fine if they only love Jesus. Love for your Savior without obedience is not enough according to what the Bible really says. The decline will continue, the warning disasters will continue, and we will no longer recover from them. Disaster is already upon the world for their sins and disobedience. Disaster is now coming upon the United States for us not allowing Jesus to be an active part of our lives. It's Time To Wake Up America! Total Disaster Is On The Doorstep Of The United States!

If we don’t respond to these punishing judgments total destruction will come upon the USA. If we don’t believe what the Bible really says and do what God tells us in His Word, the disasters will get worse. Judgment is sure on America if we don’t turn to Him now and do what the Bible says! If you don’t get in alignment with God His punishing judgment will surely come upon you personally, sooner or later. This is God's final warning to you before His judgment comes in full measure, punishing America for our sins.

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Disasters In America: God's Warning Judgments On The United States

Since most Christians believe in the 7 year Great Tribulation that will occur prior to the return of Jesus, doesn’t it seem logical that at some point, some day, this judgment on America, (and the whole world), will actually have to start? Given the extreme moral decline and rebellion against God in our country, why does no one expect this judgment to start in America in our time? Why do we dismiss God's warning judgments as a future event affecting the next generation. Why is it even today with all the signs around us, all the signs of fulfilled prophecy, (do you really WATCH the news?), that no one REALLY thinks the Great Tribulation will begin upon America sometime soon? Is it really that unbelievable to consider we are really living in the end times and the Great Tribulation and God's punishing judgment could begin at any time? Why are most Christians not listening to God's warnings and preparing? God's judgment on America is sure! God's judgment on America is definitely coming, ready or not! Why do most Christians ignore His WILL and just keep living life as usual? Be prepared my friends! Turn to God and get in alignment with His WILL, and obey ALL His laws and commandments before it’s too late and sudden destruction comes upon YOU!

People who wait until the 11th hour to call upon the Lord usually die at 10:59.

God's punishing judgment on America is going to continue. The disasters we have seen in America over the last few decades will only get worse. Punishing judgment is not going away because people in the United States, including Christians, refuse to obey God's laws. The sins in America are increasing so God's judgment through natural disasters on America will be increasing. If you want to learn more about what the Bible really says to be in alignment with God's WILL and to personally be protected from God's judgment, check out some of these web pages and Facebook pages below.

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