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Christians Resting On The Sabbath Or Sunday?

Christians Going To Heaven When We Die?

A Pre-Tribulation Rapture Of The Christian Church?

Christians Celebrating Christmas or the Nativity?

What does the Bible actually teach about going to heaven when we die, the Sabbath or Sunday for rest and worship, celebrating Christmas, and the secret pre-tribulation rapture of the church? The short Studies will show you what the Scriptures really show about these subjects.

If what you believe isn't true would you want to know it? Have you ever proved your beliefs by looking at what the Word Of God really says about the Sabbath, Christmas, our souls going to Heaven when we die, and the pre-tribulation Rapture of the church? Most people believe what they have been taught by their parents. They believe what they have been taught by their church. Most people assume their beliefs are the truth from the Scriptures. Few Christians ever really study the Scriptures to PROVE that what they think is actually what the the Word Of God says.

"WHAT DOES THE BIBLE ACTUALLY SAY...." is a series of short studies that look at what the Scriptures really teach about Heaven, the Sabbath Day of Rest, Christmas, and the Rapture of Christians to Heaven. Just as importantly it is about what they don't say concerning these subjects. Rather than believing men in any commentary or study the reader is encouraged to study the scriptures and to see for themselves what is actually in God's Word. What you do with this knowledge is between you and your Creator. You can choose to continue to listen to what men teach about these subjects, or you can listen to what the Word Of God teaches.

Why did only 120 people accept what Jesus said when He was on earth while the Jewish religious majority did not? Why don't most Christians believe what the Scriptures teach today? Just like in Jesus' day people see what the Word Of God shows, but don't perceive it. They hear the truth from Scripture but don't understand it. Consider this question today with an open heart, open ears, and open mind as you read the following studies. Then ask yourself.....Do you believe what your church teaches or do you believe God? Isn't it about time you listen to the real truth and get in alignment with God?

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Resting On The Sabbath Or Sunday?

Christians Going To Heaven When We Die?

A Pre-Tribulation Rapture Of The Church?

The Celebration Of Christmas or the Nativity?

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